Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick tidbits

Hey guys!

So, today's post is going to be very short. I'm trying to figure out a schedule so that I can keep up with this blog a little better, but thus far I'm having difficulty. In between school, house renovations/remodels/decorating/cleaning, caring for Alexander, trying to spend time with my husband, and being pregnant, there doesn't seem to be as much time in the day as there is purported to be!

I guess first things first--I haven't mentioned, yet, that I'm pregnant. Today I'm at 26 weeks 5 days. We're not finding out the sex this time around. So for now I'll just refer to it as Baby. (Sounds a little "Dirty Dancing" ish, huh?)

Next, I'm finishing my final two classes this semester. Thank goodness! Biggest negative to this? I'm due the day before my final exam. So that should be fun..........

Pinterest is awesome! And dangerously addictive.

Due to my Pinteresting, we're exploring cooking once for two weeks (I was scared to try a month to start out with). Today is actually my cook day. When Phillip gets home from work, I'll be locking myself in the kitchen for a couple hours and making 14 meals! Wooohooo!

We took a vacation last weekend for Labor Day weekend to Myrtle Beach, SC with some friends. It was loads of fun. Alexander discovered that he no longer hates sand. He also discovered that his skin is REALLY was. :-/

Final note: I'm pregnant. Alexander is still nursing. He will continue to until he decides he's done. It's really just not that hard!

And off I go to change yet another staaaaanky diaper! Have a lovely weekend!